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DW Performance Horses
DW Performance Horses is situated on 27 Acres in Visalia CA on Road 168. We Have several acres of pastures, a small barn, 60 FT Solid Wall Round Pen, 100x 200 Roping Arena, a 100FT Cutting Flag, and a 120 Foot cuttin pen. 
DW Performance Horses focuses mainly on Cutting Horses, but we show in other disciplines such as:

Team Penning
Ranch Work
Western Pleasure.

DW Performance Horses has new openings monthly for:


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References Available on Request!

Tags: Cutting Horses, Riding Horses, Horse Consignment, Horse Lessons, Riding Lessons, Horse Showings, Horse Training

Categories: Pet Services, Farm & Ranch Services, Horse Training

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Lemoore, Porterville, Farmersville, Selma, Hanford, Goshen, Fresno, Three Rivers, Exeter, Visalia, Kingsburg, Woodlake, Tulare, California


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